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Dr. John Andrew DONALDSON

Founder, Director


  • PhD in Political Science, The George Washington University
  • BA in Chinese Language and Literature and Psychology, Washington University

Dr. Donaldson is a political scientist.



Mr. Lim Zhao Ming Tony

Project Director


  • MA in Psychology, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
  • BA in Psychology, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

Tony, our project director, is passionate in loving and empowering children to reach their fullest potential. He is especially interested in how children evaluate stress and strongly feels that this stress can really be seen positively and even lead to positive outcomes in mood, motivation and further academic outcomes. After finishing his Masters in Psychology (Research) on stress in children, he is currently pursuing a Masters in Clinical Psychology to further work on his skills on working with children and supporting them. He hopes that through this program, children can unlock their fullest potential cognitively, behaviorally and academically. Indeed, he feels that no child should ever be left behind.